Lifestyle & Wellness

Designs to reflect the calming atmosphere of this serene day spa.

Wellness at the Coach House

Holistic well-being beyond the spa experience.

For Print
or on-line

Borora can deliver visual communication tailored to meet the distinct demands of both print and online platforms.

Promotional materials

Borora knows a well-crafted layout is the essential for effective marketing material.

Tranquil & Serene Designs

It’s been a joy collaborating with the owner of the spa to create a distinctive brand identity that captures the essence of their tranquil country retreat.


Borora has been creating understated yet elegant brochures, flyers, invites and other marketing materials for Wellness at the Coach. Through in-depth discussions and shared visions, we have woven together elements that reflects the spa’s unique charm. 

From selecting a soothing color palette to drawing a logo that encapsulates the atmosphere of the Coach House, our collaborative efforts have aimed at creating a brand identity that not only mirrors the spa’s commitment to relaxation but also radiates the charm of this countryside retreat. 


    Wellness at the Caoch House

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