Weddings & events

Rathsallagh and Clonabreany House provide perfect backdrops for couples to celebrate their love in style.

Wedding Venues

Wedding venues set the stage for unforgettable celebrations of love and joy.

For Print
or on-line

Borora can deliver visual communication tailored to meet the distinct demands of both print and online platforms.

Promotional materials

Borora knows a well-crafted layout is the essential for effective marketing material.

A sense of romance, joy, & celebration

Conveying the unique allure of Clonabreany House and Rathsallagh.
Maintaining a cohesive visual language reinforces the venue’s elegant aesthetic.


Designing brochures, menus, and adverts for wedding venues is a delicate mix of visual artistry and strategic communication. These brochure, adverts and menus etc serve as the initial touchpoints for couples envisioning their special day, requiring a design that harmonises with the venue’s unique charm. 

The use of captivating imagery is essential, showcasing the venue’s picturesque settings, elegant interiors, and enchanting outdoor spaces. We are always careful to ensure we have permission from the photographer and couples to use their imagery. Typography is also important, with script and serif fonts exuding a sense of refinement and formality.  Attention to detail is paramount too, from the choice of high-quality paper to the incorporation of real wedding stories that add a personalised touch.


    Clonabreany House

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