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Campsited is a startup company in the travel tech sector.
The aim of the project was to create a really easy way for campers and holiday makers to find and book campsites around the world.

User Interviews

I first created recruitment screener. The screener was designed with our main demographic in mind. The overall goal was to recruit a number of participants and carry out in-depth user interviews and user testing.   

The demographic profile was for 3/1 female to male. Age range 35-44 and 45-55. Product history was that they had booked an online camping holiday in past 12 months. 

Once I had recruited a number of users, I then created a in-depth user script. The script included some ice-breaker questions and the key questions I wanted to ask. The flow of the interview was natural and relaxed. 

User Testing

The next stage was to carry out some user testing. I wanted to observe how the user navigated through the website. I wanted to better understand what their though processes were. During the interview I was able to observe motivating factors and pain points. To help me keep the testing on track I used a user-test script.  

Personas – My camping heaven might be your camping hell!

I recruited and carried out a number of in-depth interviews with our target demographic (women in their mid 40’s with families who enjoy camping holidays). I wanted to better understand how they felt about going on a camping holiday.

I wanted to understand their needs and their goals. It was so interesting to find out that the approach to camping could vary so much and in some instances be diametrically opposed. I created three main personas based on my research this helped define the different approaches to camping. Going forward this really helped with understanding that the goals, needs and behaviours of each group is quite different. 

Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map guides the UX design for Campsited.
It shows the path from inspiration to booking, ensuring a happy and user-centric journey for every traveler.


As well as looking at competitors in the travel industry such as, and Airbnb I also looked at other sectors. The navigation used by clothing industry with its various sub-categories was the inspirations for our new navigation along with the use of imagery from Airbnb.

Wireframes (paper & pen)

Wireframe (FIGMA)

User experiences starts with drawing detailed wireframes in Figma.
It’s the ideal tool to blending creativity and functionality, sketches are quick so lots of options can be tested.

UX and

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