Marketing material

Crafting designs for print or online platforms.

Brochures & Advertising

Adverts and brochures are a strategic fusion of strong visuals and persuasive content.
Designing for diverse industries makes the creative process dynamic and enjoyable.

For Print
or on-line

Borora can deliver visual communication tailored to meet the distinct demands of both print and online platforms.

Promotional materials

Borora knows a well-crafted layout is the essential for effective marketing material.

Brochures, Adverts & Magazines

Magazine design is about compelling visuals and typography.
The aim is to create a captivating reader experience.


Designing for magazines involves a harmonious blend of compelling visuals and typography, aiming to create an engaging layout that enhances the reader’s experience. Attention to detail, consistency in branding, and an understanding of content hierarchy are crucial elements to captivate and guide the audience through the pages seamlessly.

Here at Borora we can look after your marketing material, full magazines, one-off adverts, brochures or leaflets.


    Ergo, Cavmac, The BCI, Reuters

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