B2B Wholesale portal

Redesign a portal for pharmacy user to search and order products.

Bulk Purchase Platform

Redesign a pharmacy portal to enhance the user experience, enabling users to effortlessly search for and place orders for products.


Define the requirements and goals: On our first one-hour meeting the board at United Drug defined the main features and functionalities of the platform they wanted improved.

Key Findings

Enhancing speed in locating products and fostering clarity about their attributes stand out as paramount features. Accelerated search processes and transparent product information not only streamline the ordering process but also empower customers with the assurance and understanding they seek.

Building the Site Structure

When designing the platform, we had to adhere to strict brand guidelines ensures a cohesive and recognizable user experience, and consistency.

Additionally, by strategically working within the existing structure, updates to the platform become not only swift but also cost-effective, leveraging the established framework for seamless integration of new features and improvements.

Clear & user-friendly.

Design enhancements optimised the product ordering workflow, creating greater efficiency and making the entire purchasing journey more streamlined and user-friendly.


The design incorporated all specified requirements, ensuring a comprehensive solution that not only met the criteria but also adhered precisely to the established branding guidelines. 

The swift implementation underscored the project’s efficiency, delivering a seamless integration of design elements in a short timeframe.



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